Keynote: Jim Gemmell, Trōv

Dr Jim Gemmell, PhD, is the CTO of Trōv and co-author of the book: Your Life, Uploaded: The Digital Way To Better Memory, Health and Productivity. Previously, he spent 16 years at Microsoft Research as a Senior Researcher, with a broad range of study including life-logging, reliable multicast, multimedia, and entity matching. Jim led the creation of the Microsoft Digital Memories program that funded 14 universities and supplied them with the MyLifeBits life-logging software that he architected and co-developed. Jim also architected and led development of the entity resolution system used to power Xbox TV & Movies, as well as Bing's Movies, TV, Celebrities, and Events. He created the Bing flight status answer, and helped develop the Bing Twitter features. He also represented Microsoft at the IETF standard body and became a co-author of a number of networking standards. His reliable multicast work has been incorporated into Windows.

Expert Panelist: Bob Evans, Google

Bob Evans is a tool maker. His work is dedicated to augmenting human intelligence and quality of life by providing tools to support analysis and exploration. For the past three years of his time as a software engineer at Google, Bob has been working on an open source, free platform called Paco (named after his dog, but, you can also call it the Personal Analytics COmpanion to sound more official). Paco allows individuals and behavior scientists to easily create and conduct behavior studies and interventions on mobile phones. Before that he built tools just for software engineers at Agitar Software, Borland Software, and other companies.

→ Proceedings of the SenseCam and Pervasive Images 2013, ACM Digital Library

Monday, November 18

Tuesday, November 19

Note to Attendees: The SenseCam conference will be followed immediately by a SenseCam Workshop on "Collecting Data on Human Subjects with the SenseCam," led by Drs. Jacqueline Kerr and Simon Marshall. The workshop will take place from 3:30PM-6:30PM in the Calit2 Theater, Atkinson Hall. For more information, click here or on the Workshop tab under Quick Links.